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Cheating Tricks That Can Tempt You To Try It!


Cheating in games is no way recommended. You might completely mess up if you are not trained well enough. Some people just do not have the knack of tricking the mates and the dealer. They easily get caught and might end up making chaos and confusion. For all these good hearts, we suggest you stay away from this. It would so much nice if you don’t read this.  Then you might get tempted and might make a futile attempt and get caught. We seriously do not want that to happen. So here we are listing the simple tricks that can help to win and take good amount back home.


What do you do to cheat?

Teaming up:

If the dealer is too much focused on the players then in such cases you can get someone to watch his back. The person behind the dealer will signal the values and player can make his moves accordingly. This is the two-man cheating trick in the casinos. But you should be careful about no one seeing your agent.

Pull it out:

Here you can slip away a card from the deck without the notice of the dealer or other players. But if the dealer keeps a close eye and finds out want you are doing then you will end up outside the casino. Some dealers are really alert, the moment a card moves below the table line, the dealer will pass a warning signal alerting the players to stick to the norms.

Make a mark:

Here the players target high-value cards like the tens. This is one of the popular cheating methods. This also known as the ‘Daub technique’ the player will lightly make a mark on the card. A mark that looks like an accidental smudge on the card. There are also high-level tricks involved such as a player makes a mark and this mark is visible to the person wearing a special contact lens.

Counterfeiting the chips:

The technique is not as hard as the name. Here you have to just place dummies instead of the real ones. The chips that you place should be strikingly similar to that of the real ones. But you have to be really careful because dealers are also finding new ways to keep an eye on you.

In many casinos today there are surveillance cameras so trying such tricks can be highly risky.  Many might read this stuff, make sure you watch your back too. A dealer might simply pair up with someone to watch your moves too, beware!

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