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Top 5 Acute Losers In Gambling!


The story of gamblers losing money is not something new to the day. You will realize the need to stop and be the content of what you have earned only when you lose all that you have within a matter of minutes. There is a common misconception that gamblers lose money because they are either drunk or too greedy to stop, though it is true to an extent, there are other sad reasons because of which gamblers lose money. Here we are listing the top 5 gamblers who lost money in unexpected ways.

Acute Losers In Gambling

Harry Kakavas:

Harry Kakavas lost $1.5billion in a period of 14 months averagely losing $107 million a month and approximately $3.57 million a day. His lawyer states that he seriously cannot fight his love for gambling and casinos around the world are cashing in on this disability. He was so badly addicted that he took debts from friends, relatives, and even family members. He is considered as one of the biggest high rollers in the world.

Terrance Watanabe:

This man is capable gambling continuously for a straight 24 hours and would approximately lose $5 million a day. He started small and became the CEO of his father’s company. He lost almost $127 million in a period of one year. He is also good at breaking the rules of casinos in order to hit the jackpot in one go. He has also made complaints that the casino deliberately liquored him which made him lose in his gambling.

Bruno Venturi:

The saddest of all cases is the case of Bruno Ventri. This man was fortunate to turn £17 into £650000 in about 3 hours but soon lost his fortune because of a minor software bug. After winning £650000, Bruno stopped his game and was looking forward to getting his money credited. But the company did not agree to it making the payment because none of the bets he placed where charged by the site, which means he was playing for free. Bruno didn’t actually notice it. Later, the company fixed the bug and found that Bruno had actually won £650000 with just £17 in hand. However, no payments were made to him.

Mark Jonhston:

The story of Mark was seriously unbelievable. This man didn’t realize what was happening until he lost about $500,000 in one go. Mark argued that he was completely blank due to too much of liquor and couldn’t even see his cards, but the casino kept serving him liquor, even though he didn’t want it. Though his case caught so many eyes, nobody knows if Mark won or lost that mysterious night.

Steve Richards:

Steve lost £30000 in one rugby game. He starts off by placing £10 and went to earn £38970 by rightly guessing the results of 12 different rugby matches. But unfortunately, within a week he placed his bets on the Wales in a match against Australia. But Australia won, and Steve lost about £30000 in one game. However, the understood gambling rightly and took the incident in the right spirit.

These are few cases that came to our notices, but there are many unsaid cases where losing in gambling can bankrupt the person, or put him bars or even take the life of the player. So gambling is fine as long as it isn’t an addiction.

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